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As a small-business professional, you face a complex, often baffling array of challenges.

You may use what you believe to be common sense in making a decision, and then discover later that you have broken a law or regulation by mistake.

 You may perform a duty in a particular way because that is how you have done it for years -- only to find out that laws have changed and the ways of the past are no longer in compliance with the government.

 Or, you may be starting a business, and need convenient resources within reach so you can make timely, confident choices.

 When you need reliable workplace information, turn to Blue Gavel Press, a national information provider for America's business community. Developed by imminent legal authorities and compliance specialists, our business guides provide easy-to-understand, up-to-date facts on key safety, human resources, compliance and legal topics. Products offered by Blue Gavel Press have been helping the business community for more than 23 years.

 Blue Gavel Press guides help to meet the compliance needs of business owners, managers, supervisors, and human resource administrators. In meeting those needs, these guides help businesses nationwide to foster better working relationships with their employees.

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